Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling Modi-vated

On one side is a one ‘night’ wonder
His cough louder than thunder
Aimless tusker out on plunder
Not a mistake but actually our blunder

On the other hand is Mr Modi

And that munna fresh out of momma’s godi
Pomp show and a huge campaign
Good on looks but a little less brain

Diehard Modi fan? No, I am not
But it’s my best bet and that’s all I got

No balatkar, No bharastachar
Let’s cut down on the attyachar
So do all your soch-vichaar
Clich├ęd - yes, it is
But ab ki baar modi sarkaar

Stand up and do what’s right
Fight the evil with all your might
It’s time you make a wise decision
Hit that button with care and precision

UPA is dead and outdated
Hell yeah! I feel Modi-vated.